SunPage Mobile CallBack

Save on your outgoing mobile calls with SunPage CallBack – the service ideal for SingTel, M1 and StarHub subscribers with free incoming calls.

How does SunPage CallBack work?

Easy. Instead of making a local or oversea call through your mobile service provider, simply call with SunPage CallBack. SunPage will call you back and connect you to the number you specify, at a lower rate:

  • 5.5¢ (up to 70% savings) for local calls
  • 2.8¢ + SunPage iDD1521 rates (up to 80% savings) for overseas calls

How to Use

Call Home

Step 1

Making overseas calls

• Dial your (+65) Personal CallHome Number with your overseas SIM card.

• The call will auto hang up, followed by CallBack.

• Answer and dial your country code + area code + telephone number + #

SunPage CallBack

For local and overseas calls

Subsequent steps to dial the same number

Add more FastDial Numbers

• Dial 6551 5000

• Select language, then option 3

• Enter & Destination Number #

• You will hear an announcement of the FastDial number assigned

• Copy and save in your Contact List.