International Call – SunPage iDD 1521

Stay in touch with your loved ones no matter where they are. With crystal-clear voice calls to over 300 destinations worldwide, 521 minutes of free talk time* and the lowest round-the-clock rates, it’s deal that speaks for itself!

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* For new users only.

How to Use

SunPage-registered number

To make a call from a SunPage-registered number, dial:

• 1521 > Country + Area Code > Tel. No.
For example: If you are making a call from Singapore to Malaysia (Johor Bahru), simply dial 1521 followed by 60 and 7 (country + area code) followed by the telephone number.

SunPage PIN service

To make a iDD 1521 call using your 10-digit card and pin number from any phones* not registered with SunPage, dial:

• Dial 6551 5555
• Enter choice of Language
• Enter 10 digit PIN (6-digit card no. + 4-digit PIN)
• Enter Country + Area Code + Tel No.
*including public phones