Unlimited IDD

SunPage offers you all day unlimited talk time for a monthly flat fee. Start chatting with your overseas love ones and friends anytime on your registered mobile phone or residential line with no worries on your overseas call charges. Plus, you will enjoy special rates when you dial other destinations not within your selected group plan.

For who

  • Singaporean and PR can register for SunPage iDD Unlimited plan and eligible for all payment scheme.
  • Foreigner is allowed to sign up via Credit Card payment scheme.
  • To be eligible for “Flexi Credit” and “Giro” payment scheme, Foreigners holding the following passes with a remaining validity period of ONE month more than the contract signed:
    • Work Permit
    • Student Pass
    • Employment Pass
    • Long Term Visit Pass
    • A security deposit of $30 is required for foreigners

How to Use

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