Mobile Call Back
Slash your bills with Mobile Call Back!
Mobile CallBack - Slash your bills with SunPage CallBack!


Save on your outgoing mobile calls with SunPage CallBack* - the service ideal for SingTel, M1 and StarHub subscribers with free incoming calls.

How does SunPage CallBack work?

Easy. Instead of making a local or overseas call through your mobile service provider, simply call with SunPage CallBack . SunPage will call you back and connect you to the number you specify, at a lower rate:

1) 5.5 (up to 70% savings) for local calls
2) 2.8 + SunPage iDD1521 rates (up to 80% savings) for overseas calls.

Register to enjoy the benefits today!

How to use

For local and overseas calls

Callback Services

1) Dial 6309 0111
2) Call will auto hang up, then CallBack
3) Answer and key in the county code + area code + telephone number of the person you wish to contact.
4) At the end of a conversation lasting more than 3 minutes, you will receive a SMS assigning you a FastDial number that you can use for direct CallBack to that person in future. Save FastDial number to your Contacts List.

Subsequent steps to dial the same number

Callback Services

Add more FastDial Numbers

1) Dial 6551 5000
2) Select language, then option 3
3) Enter <Country Code><Area Code> & Destination Number #
4) You will hear an announcement of the FastDial number assigned
5) Copy and save in your Contact List.


With NO registration fees and NO subscription fees, you can now enjoy double savings on outgoing calls!

SunPage CallBack Price Chart

** For SunPage Premium CallBack @ $0.069/min, a connection charge of $0.15 applies for every successful call. This service is not available with overseas calls.

Based on the above rates, see how much you can save in a 30-minute conversation!SunPage CallBack Example for 30-minute conversation

*** Calculated using local and overseas off-peak rates for residential users. Rates are correct at time of update and are subject to change without prior notice. All other terms and conditions apply.

For overseas call, check out SunPage IDD rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

SunPage CallBack (with FastDial)

  • 1) What is SunPage CallBack service? Ans: This service is ideal for Singtel, M1 or StarHub mobile users with free incoming calls subscription but frequently exceed their limited outgoing call minutes in basic mobile plan.

    SunPage CallBack allows mobile users to slash their local mobile outgoing call charges.

    Instead of making a local call through your mobile service provider, you can make a local or overseas call through SunPage CallBack and pay a lower rate.
  • 2) How much do I save for using SunPage CallBack services versus using M1/Singtel/StarHub? Ans: For local mobile outgoing call, you pay only a flat rate of 5.5 per minute using SunPage CallBack (with FastDial), as compared to 15-21 per minute from other mobile operators.

    For overseas outgoing call, you pay only 2.8 per minute plus SunPage IDD rates. SunPage CallBack Price Chart
    Thus if you make 30 minutes conversation to your friend, youll see the big difference in mobile savings. SunPage CallBack Example for 30-minute conversation
    * based on 30 minutes call through other mobile operator , inclusive of mobile airtime.
    ^ based on 30 minutes call to fixed line during consumer off peak hours, inclusive of 2.8ct per min for callback.
  • 3) How does SunPage CallBack (with FastDial) work? Ans: SunPage CallBack (2-step with FastDial) (1st time to new destination number)

    SunPage CallBack Premium (1-step) (future calls to same destination number)
  • 4) How can I create more FastDial numbers for my list of frequently called friends or associates? You may also create more FastDial numbers using the SunPage Interactive Voice Service (IVR) to store up to 50 numbers in your phonebook for direct dialing. Ans:
    1) Dial 6551 5000 using the mobile line which has been registered with SunPage.
    2) Select Option 3
    3) Enter <Country Code + Area Code + Destination Number>
    4) System will check and automatically assign a FastDial number <You will hear an announcement for the assignment>
    5) Copy down the FastDial number and save in your mobile Contact List.
  • 5) What are the benefits of using SunPage CallBack? Ans: Double savings: Local outgoing mobile calls & Overseas calls

    Make mobile call in Singapore to:
    1) Singapore: $0.055 only (up to 70% savings)
    2) Overseas: $0.028 + SunPage iDD1521 (up to 80% savings)

    Privacy with anonymous call
    Make on-demand anonymous call without paying fixed monthly subscription to private number feature. It is useful to callers, who need to keep their telephone number confidential when calling third party.
  • 6) If I want to make overseas call, what are the differences between using SunPage iDD1521 and SunPage CallBack? If I want to make local calls with SunPage CallBack, what are the difference between using FastDial and Premium (1-step)? Ans: iDD1521 enable you to make international calls to more than 300 destinations. If you are using mobile with free incoming calls plan, we recommend you to use SunPage CallBack (with FastDial) as it allows you extra savings on mobile outgoing calls to local or overseas numbers. In comparison, SunPage CallBack Premium (1-step) is for local calls only.

    SunPage iDD1521 SunPage CallBack SunPage CallBack Premium (1-step)
    Ideal for Calling overseas from fixed or mobile line without free incoming calls plan. Mobile users with free incoming calls plan. Mobile users with free incoming calls plan.
    Call destinations Call overseas only Call local and overseas Call local only
    Rates SunPage IDD rates Local: $0.055 per min

    Overseas:$0.028 per min + SunPage IDD
    $0.069 per min & $0.15 connection charge
    Dialing Step Dial 1521 <Country Code + Area Code + Destination number> Method 1:
    1) Dial 6309 0111.
    2) Call will auto hang up, then CallBack.
    3) Key in <Country Code + Area Code + Destination number>, press #.

    Method 2:
    1) Dial destination partys FastDial number
    Dial 15210, Singapore telephone number (no country code required)

Billing & Registration

  • 7) What are the Terms and Conditions for SunPage CallBack registration? Ans:
    1) You must be currently subscribed to a mobile plan with Free Incoming Calls
    2) Monthly mobile subscription fee is still payable to your respective mobile operator
    3) SunPage will bill you separately on the SunPage CallBack service
    4) NO Registration Fees
    5) NO Subscription Fees
  • 8) Do I need to pay the mobile service provider for the local airtime? Ans: SunPage will bill you for the local airtime when you use the CallBack service. The mobile operator will not bill you if you make use of your free incoming call.
  • 9) Is there a minimum usage requirement? If not, does a minimum monthly usage fee apply? Ans:
    1) No minimum usage needed. You will only be billed if you use the service.
    2) Registration and subscription is free.
  • 10) Is there any connection fee per call? Ans: No, there is no connection fee when you dial with SunPage CallBack (with FastDial). However, if you use SunPage CallBack Premium (1-step), there will be a connection charge of 15 for each successful call.
  • 11) How am I billed? Ans:
    1) Charging starts upon connection. (When the other party answers the phone or if the call gets connected to voicemail)
    2) SunPage will bill you for the local outgoing mobile airtime you use with SunPage CallBack. The mobile operator will not bill you if you make use of your free incoming call.
    3) You will receive a monthly bill for your total local call usage (7% GST is applicable)
  • 12) I am an existing SunPage customer, can I use the service? Ans:
    If your mobile line is already registered with SunPage, you can start using SunPage CallBack service.

    If are an existing SunPage customer but has not yet register your mobile line, you may register by:
    1) call CareLine @3157 3333 to request for Account Update Form
    2) click Apply now online
    3) email:
  • 13) How do I register for this service? Ans: Simply fill up a a SunPage service registration form and fax back to 3157 1550, or email to
    For further enquiries, kindly visit our Contact Us page.

Promotions (for consumers only)

  • 14) Is the 30 mins free SunPage CallBack (with FastDial) talktime applicable to per mobile line or per account? Ans: The 30 mins free SunPage CallBack local talktime is given to each account for calling to Singapore numbers, valid for 1 month upon date of registration.
  • 15) Is the 30 mins free talktime also applicable when I use SunPage CallBack Premium (1-Step) to make calls? Ans: No. The 30 mins free talktime is NOT applicable for calls made using Premium (1-Step). It is ONLY applicable for SunPage CallBack (with FastDial).
  • 16) Is the 30 mins free talktime also applicable for when I use SunPage CallBack (with FastDial) to make overseas calls? Ans: No. The 30 mins free talktime is NOT applicable for calls made to overseas. It is ONLY applicable for local calls only (i.e calling to Singapore numbers).
  • 17) How long will the free trial last? Ans: The 30 mins free trial is valid for 1 month upon date of registration.
  • 18) Do I have to utilise the free trial within one call? Ans: No. You can use the 30 mins free SunPage CallBack talktime to make many calls until you have fully utilised the 30 mins of talktime. Calls thereafter will be charged at 5.5 per min for using SunPage CallBack (with FastDial), 6.9 per min + 15 charge for using SunPage CallBack Premium (1-step).


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