Global Fax
Clear international faxes to over 300 destinations worldwide
Global Fax - Clear international faxes to over 300 destinations worldwide


Delivering clear international faxes to over 300 destinations worldwide with our low rates, SunPage Biz Fax 1521 gives your business the edge.

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How to use

To send a fax from a Biz Fax 1521 registered number, dial:

1521 > Country + Area Code + Fax Number

For example: If you are sending an international fax from Singapore to Malaysia (Johor Bahru), simply dial 1521 followed by 60 and 7 (country + area code) followed by the fax number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fax / iDD Premium service (iDD 1521 001)

  • 1) Can I use IDD 1521 for fax service? Ans: Our IDD 1521 is for more suitable for voice services. For fax service, customers can sign up for Fax/ IDD Premium Service for the specific telephone or fax number.
  • 2) What is Premium iDD 1521 Service? Ans: A Premium grade IDD service and is ideal for fax transmission or extra clear voice quality. It is reliable and suitable for real-time international fax transmission.
  • 3) How does it work? Ans: Simple, easy 1 step dialing:
    1521 001 > Country + Area Code > Tel No.
  • 4) Are the rates the same for Biz iDD 1521 and Premium iDD 1521 services? Ans: Different rates apply for both services.

Billing and Registration

  • 5) What is the billing process like? Ans: You will receive a bill on your usage monthly. There are 3 choices of plans to make payments.
    1) Flexi Credit Plan - You will receive a bill on the usage for all registered numbers monthly.
    2) Credit Card Plan - The default plan for Companies is Flexi Credit Plan. You may opt for the Credit Card Plan
  • 6) What is Flexi Credit Plan? Ans:
    1) Use now and pay later. No up-front payment required. Usage will be billed monthly.
    2) $200 credit limit or customer may produce your latest IDD bill to request for higher credit limit (up to 2 times current usage).
    3) Foreigners are not eligible for this plan
  • 7) What will happen when the credit limit is reached? Ans:
    1) Service will be temporarily suspended until payment of outstanding charges is received
    2) Customer may make payment to resume service immediately
    3) Customer can call CareLine 3157 3333 to review limit
  • 8) What is Credit Card Plan? Ans:
    1) Payment using VISA or Master Card. Your credit card will be charged upon:
        a) Every $100 usage and
        b) At bill date
    2) SunPage will you send a monthly bill listing details of calls made. There is no credit limit for using the SunPage service. You only need to make payment to credit card company.
    3) Foreigners are eligible for this plan
    4) Applicant need not be the Credit Card holder
  • 9) Can the same telephone number be register by 2 different person or company? Ans: No. Priority will be given to the registered owner of that telephone. Otherwise, it will be on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • 10) What are the current IDD 1521 rates? Ans: For current rates, please call your account manager or CareLine 3157 3333.
  • 11) Will customer be informed of any rate change? Ans: No. Do call our CareLine 3157 3333 or visit our website regularly for updates .
  • 12) When and how often do I receive my bill? Ans: There are 4 billing cycles - 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th of the month. You will receive the bill once monthly.
  • 13) How can I make payment? Ans:
    1) Cheque should be make payable to Nexwave Telecoms Pte Ltd and mail to:
    Nexwave Telecoms Pte Ltd, 6 Serangoon North Avenue 5, #03-16, Singapore 554910
    2) Or to the Credit Card company if Credit Card Plan is opted.
  • 14) Is there a penalty fee for late payment? Ans: Yes, late penalty fee of 2% will be imposed for unpaid portion of the bill from due date to date of payment.
  • 15) What are the documents required for registration? Ans: Through CareLine 3157 3333 and Website
    1) Complete the Registration Form duly signed and stamped
    2) Indicate the Name and Designation of authorised officer
    3) Copy of Company ROC
    4) Latest IDD bill if requesting for higher credit limit (default credit limit is $200).
    5) Fax above documents to 3157 1550
    6) Service will be activated within 3 working days.
  • 16) What are the terms and conditions for registration? Ans: Please refer to our website for the standard Terms and Conditions.


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