International Roaming
Saving up to 90% on standard roaming charges!
International Roaming - Saving up to 90% on standard roaming charges!


Going abroad? Tailor-made for users who travel frequently, SunPage Roaming allows you to receive calls from and make calls to business partners and loved ones while saving up to 90% on standard roaming charges!

International Roaming - Travel essentials for the smart traveller

How to use

Step 1

International Roaming

Getting started

  1. Start roaming with an overseas number (mobile or fixed line) and your SunPage Personal CallHome number.
  2. Inform SunPage your overseas number via

      1.    SMS
    SMS your Spore Mobile No. PIN Overseas Country Code & No. to +65 9188 3333

    Tips: This can be done anytime you leave Singapore or even when you are overseas. If you change your designated overseas number, inform us your overseas number again.

      2.    SunPage CareLine
    (+65) 3157 3333

    Tips: If you already have your overseas number, you can inform us through SunPage CareLine.

  3. You will recieve SunPages acknowledgement via SMS.

Step 2

Divert your calls

  1. Before leaving Singapore, divert all voice calls from Singapore by calling **21*90803333#
  2. When you get to your overseas destination, insert your overseas SIM Card and start receiving calls.

Step 3

International Roaming

Making overseas calls

  1. Dial +65 followed by your Personal CallHome Number using your overseas SIM card.

    Tips: Save your Personal CallHome Number as CallHome under your phone Contacts List.
  2. Call auto hang up then call back.
  3. Answer and key
    Country code + Area code + Telephone number + #

Step 4

International Roaming

To end roaming

  1. Upon your return, insert your Singapore SIM Card into your phone.
  2. Cancel International Roaming divert by dialling ##21#.

To repeat roaming again

  1. Simply repeat Step 2 - 4.
  2. Should you change your designated overseas number, please repeat Step 1: Inform us your overseas number, via SMS or CareLine. Then follow by Step 2 - 4


SunPage comprehensive world-wide Roaming coverage lets you stay connected in more than 200 destinations. Check out the low and affordable rates now!

Select a destination below for the comparative Rate Chart. Kindly turn off your Pop-up blocker or allow pop-ups from this site if pop-up blocker has been enabled for your browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roaming(Economical way of receiving mobile calls while overseas)

  • 1) What is SunPage Roaming? Ans: SunPage Roaming is a Mobile Call Forwarding service that allows you to receive mobile calls economically while roaming overseas. SunPage will forward your calls to your overseas telephone number. This enables you to enjoy great savings of up to 90% on your usual roaming charges.
  • 2) How does it work? Ans: You need an overseas mobile or fixed line number to receive calls when overseas. Simply activate SunPage Roaming to start receiving calls when overseas.

    This means when someone calls you on your Singapore Mobile number, your calls will be forwarded to your overseas number using our Cost effective, Premium Quality International Direct Dial (iDD) service. You will not incur any roaming fees from your mobile operator.
  • 3) What do I need to start using the service? Preparing to roam Ans:
    1) You need an overseas mobile or fixed line number.
    2) Tell us your local and overseas numbers with SunPage via SMS or call SunPage CareLine. (This can be done anytime before you leave Singapore or even when you are overseas.)
    3) Divert all your calls to +65 90803333 before you leave Singapore to activate Budget Roaming. & CallHome. (The calls will be forward to your overseas number.)
    4) When overseas, turn on your mobile phone with the overseas SIM card to start receiving calls.
  • 4) How much do I pay to use this service? Ans: There are no registration fees and no monthly subscription fees to use SunPage Budget Roaming. Our rates start from as low as 28 per min and pay only if you use it. You will not incur any roaming fees from your mobile operator if you use SunPage Budget Roaming to receive calls when overseas.

    Enjoy great savings because you will only be billed for the following:
    1) Roaming charge by SunPage on a per min basis
    2) Incoming airtime charged by your overseas operator which may be free or up to $0.30 per min.
    3) You will incur outgoing (local) airtime which will be charged by your respective mobile operator.
  • 5) How much can I save when I use SunPage Budget Roaming? Ans: Depending on the country and mobile operator that you are on, you could save between $1.00-$3.00 per minute on mobile charges. If you receive an average of 5 calls a day and each call lasted 5 minutes, you could save approximately $25 to $50* per day.
  • 6) Who would find the service useful? Ans: Users who travel frequently for work or leisure will find SunPage Budget Roaming useful. Especially those who tend to travel frequently to the usual one or two countries would find Budget Roaming most convenient and economical.
  • 7) Do I need to switch on my Singapore Mobile Number if I travel with Budget Roaming? Ans: If you wish to receive your SMS while overseas, please carry an additional mobile phone with your Singapore SIM card inserted.
  • 8) How do I tell SunPage my overseas number to receive calls when overseas? Ans: Just inform SunPage your overseas number.
    You will receive a confirmation via SMS on your Singapore Mobile Number when successful.

    Via SMS
    1) Key in the following SMS format & send to +65 9188 3333
    2) S'pore Mobile No PIN Overseas Mobile No
    3) Default pin is 8888


    Via CareLine
    Simply call our Customer CareLine @ 3157 3333 and let our customer service colleague assist you.

    Divert all your calls to +65 90803333 before you leave Singapore to activate Budget Roaming. & CallHome.
  • 9) How do I stop the service when back in Singapore? Ans: Simply Cancel All Divert or dial ##21# on your Singapore Mobile phone.

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